We are associated with Financial Institutions, Banks, Family Private Offices and Venture Capitals across the globe. Our main target clients are Governments, as well as Construction and Technology Companies. We facilitate funding based on Sovereign Guarantee or Sovereign Bonds or Private Bank Guarantees or other forms of Agreements (e.g., Power Purchase Agreements) for Infrastructure projects developments.

Infrastructure Capital Support

The Investment wing of MGI analyses the client’s financial requirements and helps them achieve their goal. MGI focuses more on futuristic investments that benefit the economy and people in the long run. We facilitate Equity Investments for Corporates and Start-Ups. Our team of Financial & Project Management experts can assist you in making your dream project a reality.

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The backbone of every successful government or business is problem-solving, decision making, project management, and time management. MGI guides governments and businesses with proper strategic planning and risk management. With necessary in-depth analysis, brainstorming and our expertise, we guide the clients with new plans and actions to achieve their goals. We help them identify gaps in opportunities to bring an overall change. We work on projects in a wide range of industries. We support organizations to improve their performance, by providing expert advice in different fields. We demonstrate high ethical values and utmost professionalism in our consulting operations.

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MGI provides consultancy services to the government and private sectors for high-volume food purchases. Our associate company is the leading supplier of food products worldwide. We have business association with leading farms and plantations of different food products: in South America, Africa, Russia, CIS countries, and the Far East. We can also facilitate funding to the government for the purchase of food products based on a sovereign guarantee, with an international prime bank guarantee or any UAE-based bank’s guarantee.

MGI facilitates a one-stop hub for all types of educational establishment and services.

We are well-known in the global oil and gas platforms. We provide consultancy services to the major oil companies for the purchase of crude oil as well as refined products from the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia and CIS Countries.

We are associated with leading globally reputed IT companies, support governments and corporates in the implementation of innovative Information Technology
solutions (Fintech, Blockchain, etc) for the establishment of Smart Cities worldwide.

We have our partners in major ports and cities across the globe that cater to any kind of international logistics requirement. We have been serving the logistics industry for many years. The professionalism that we maintain has given us an edge over the others.

With the vast knowledge of our associate partner organizations in the global diamond industry, we offer fully equipped Gemological laboratories for the identification and analysis. We aim to  ensure that trade is achieved in respect  of the Kimberley Process Certifications. We ensure compliance with the regulatory and voluntary systems in order  to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds and commerce with countries embargoed by the United Nations.

Our team of experienced foreign trade specialized professionals is well-versed in import, export, foreign trade, customs, free trade zones, banking laws and
other rules and regulations.

MGI serves as a leading consultant to governments and corporate houses in the purchase of Aircrafts. Our associate company is partnered with major aircraft manufacturers. Our clients benefit not only from our USP of offering aircraft at very reasonable rates but also facilitating finance based on sovereign guarantees for government purchases.

Our Associate company is the leading consultant in the purchase of Ships and Vessels. We have well-established business relationships with the leading ship manufacturing companies worldwide. We act as the linking point between the manufacturers and the governments or corporate houses and our client enjoys our economic rates. Furthermore, we facilitate finance based on sovereign guarantees or bonds for government purchases.